Tuesday, 2 September 2014

COSA User Conference 2014 - Registration open

The 2014 COSA User Conference Registration website is now up (https://sirsidynix-cosa2014.eventbrite.com). As in previous years you can pay online using a Credit card, or by Tax Invoice or Cheque (just follow the instructions, in the "Event Details" section, located at the bottom of the Eventbrite Registration page).

The latest version of the program and training details are available from here. If you downloaded the earlier version of the program, please replace it with this version (dated October 2014 - v1.8.3).

Hope to see many of you at this year's conference!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Notice for COSA AGM 2014 (+ Agenda)

Notice for COSA AGM 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of members of Customers of SirsiDynix Australasia (COSA, Inc.) will be held at the Angliss Conference Centre (William Angliss Institute), 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne on Friday 24th October at 9:00am.

All SirsiDynix customers are welcome to attend the AGM, even if they are not COSA members. While voting is restricted to financial members, comments and suggestions regarding the COSA user group, the conference and related matters are welcome and sought from all SirsiDynix customers.

The Agenda for the meeting can be downloaded from here.

Note that as part of Agenda Item 6, COSA members will be asked to vote on a couple of proposed changes to the wording of constitution.

If you are a COSA member and would like to vote on this proposal, but will not be attending the AGM, please fill in a Proxy Voting Form. You will need to sign it and give it to a COSA member who will be attending the AGM, so that they can vote on your behalf. If you do not know a COSA member who will be attending the AGM, you can send your signed Proxy Voting Form (along with your voting instructions), to the COSA Secretary (Elizabeth Sinclair at elizabeth.sinclair@parra.catholic.edu.au).

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

COSA User Conference 2014 - Program

The preliminary conference program is now available.

Note that most of the sessions have been confirmed, although they may need to be moved around a little, depending on presenter availability. Hopefully any changes will be minimal.

There are 2 user panel sessions (marked as TBC in the program), that still require additional presenters in order to go ahead. The first session is on the topic of 3rd party discovery products; The second session is on the topic of Self Checkout systems. If you are interested and willing to participate in one (or both) of these panel sessions, please contact me asap.

NB Participation would involve presenting a short 5-10 minute session sharing your site's experiences with these products. For example, why you selected the product you did, and any pros and cons. Note that presenters receive a discount on their conference registration.

The conference registration and training costs are available from here. Note that it is not too late to become a COSA member (http://www.cosa.asn.au/p/membership-application.html) and register at the member's rate.

The conference registration website should be available soon.

Helen Agoroudis
COSA Publicity Officer

Monday, 11 August 2014

COSA User Conference 2014 - Overview and Cost

2014 COSA User Conference: Getting the most out of your ILS

Conference Venue:
Angliss Conference Centre (William Angliss Institute)
555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9322 8000

Conference Dates:  Tuesday 21st October - Friday 24th October 2014 (inclusive)
DAY 1 - Tuesday 21st October – Training Day
DAY 2 - Wednesday 22nd October – Training Day, library visit, welcome drinks with SirsiDynix
DAY 3 - Thursday 23rd October – Conference sessions, conference dinner
DAY 4 - Friday 24th October – COSA AGM, conference sessions, SirsiDynix Q&A

Conference Registration - cost per person :
COSA Members:       $430 +GST
Non-Members:           $475 +GST
Presenter's rate:          $399 +GST
Day ticket:                 $200 +GST
The Conference Registration price includes:
  • Attendance to the Supreme Court library visit held on Wednesday 22nd October, 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Attendance to the conference sessions held from Thursday 23rd October - Friday 24th October (inclusive).
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day (23rd October-24th October).
  • All tickets (except for the Day ticket) also include the cost of the welcome drinks (22nd October) and conference dinner (23rd October).

Price excludes:
  • Attendance to the Training sessions held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd October (training session costs are listed below)
  • Public transport costs to/from the library visit
  • Public transport costs to/from the conference dinner

Training Sessions (Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd October)
Symphony Report  Bootcamp (1 day) - Trainer: Cathy Cusack
BLUEcloud Admin/BC PAC/BC Cat/eRC (1 day) - Trainer: Katy Wilcock

Enterprise Development workshop (1.5 days) - Trainer: Jeremy Newville
Perl for API (1.5 days) - Trainer: Margaret Pelfrey
Horizon System Admin (2 days) - Trainer: Rebecca Chile
Symphony System Admin (1 day) - Trainer: Cathy Cusack
BLUEcloud Admin and PAC (0.5 day) - Trainer: Jeremy Newville

Training Costs:
HALF DAY courses: $110 +GST (COSA members) / $130 +GST (non-members)
FULL DAY courses: $150 +GST (COSA members) / $180 +GST (non-members)
1.5 DAY courses:  $250 +GST (COSA members) / $300 +GST (non-members)
2  DAY courses:   $300 +GST (COSA members) / $360 +GST (non-members)

NB The API course is free (for one person) for sites with an API subscription, otherwise the same cost as the other 1.5 day course.